Need help publishing or formatting your Kindle or other E-book?

Maybe I can help!

Although I am no expert, I can help

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you format and publish (make available to the public) your book. I have successfully authored, formatted (with the correct ), created the book covers, published, and SOLD my own books. They are currently on Amazon and at this time and I sell an average of 15-20 books per month. No, I am not getting rich, but I can honestly claim to be a published author. Check my Kindle books out here.

If you have a book of your own hanging around that you would like to get published, let’s get it done! I can help you get the formatting right (yes, there are specific guidelines and tricks) and have the proper program to convert it into the many different types of formats that different E-readers need.

If you need help setting up an Amazon account to be able to sell your book, no problem, I can help you there too!

For those of you who want to go one step further, Amazon allows you to create an actual book for you to sell. Unlike the old days where you would need to print a thousand copies and store them in your basement, Amazon will print your book on demand. What does that mean? When you sell a copy of your printed book on Amazon, a single copy is printed and turned into an actual book. That book then gets shipped to the buyer. Awesome huh?

Is your head spinning thinking about the possibilities yet? Get that manuscript out of the drawer and contact me today!

NOTE: You retain all rights to the book. I claim no rights to any royalties whatsoever, my fee is all you will ever pay, but if you become a millionare selling the book please keep me in mind!

DISCLAIMER: I cannot promise your book will sell nor guarantee any success after publishing your book.

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